Pathology Core Lab.


Histology and pathology examination have become an important part in both basic and clinical researches, especially for translational studies. The establishment of our own animal center also needs strong histopathology lab supporting. Thus, it is quite necessary to establish a pathology core lab in NHRI. The lab will be able to support various pathology services, including tissue processing, paraffin embedding, tissue section, histochemical and immunohistochemical stains.

  Staff Pathologist

黃秀芬 (Shiu-Feng Huang) ext: 35315

* Supervisor of the lab, quality control, research consultation


邱鈺婷 (Yu-Ting Chiu) ext: 33706

* Lab manager, in charge of all lab work and maintenance of all machines

  • 研究大樓 R2 ,3樓, 3274室 (在分子基因所)
  • Research Building-2, third floor, room 3274

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