Introduction of Protein Chemistry Core Laboratory

    To strengthen the research capacity in protein chemistry at NHRI, Protein Chemistry Core Laboratory equips state of art instruments that can be utilized by trained employees in NHRI or by specialists at Core lab. In addition, the Core lab members will offer the professional consultation and services, manage the instrument maintenances, and hold the training courses.

These instruments are:
  1. Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-Tof) is an application of mass spectrometry methods. The molecular weight determination is based on the mass-to-charge ratio of a molecule and its flight time in an electric field. In our Core Lab., Q-Tof-based instruments (Xevo Q-Tof and Synapt G2 HDMS, Waters) coupled with high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) (UPLC and nanoUPLC, Waters) provide accurate results of LC-Mass Spectrometry (MS) and LC-MS/MS analyses, which are useful for proteomics and metabolomics studies.
2. High-throughput Western Blotting
n   High throughput Western Blotting is a new technique which allows scientists to perform up to 96 micro-western blots on one gel.
n   Small volumes(50 nl) of samples are printed onto a gel in a 96(or 48) well format using a Nono-Plotter System. Proteins on the gel are then separated by horizontal electrophoresis followed by transferring, blocking, and antibody hybridization. After hybridization, the membrane containing 96 micro-western blots are scanned and analyzed. This new approach is most suitable for preliminary screening studies of signal transductuin pathways.
n   High-throughput Western Blotting service is operated by specialists of Core Lab, and is available for all NHRI laboratories. Payment can be charged from in-house or NSC projects.
n   Antibody Aliquot service is also available. Investigators can apply for small amount of antibodies.  Payment can only be charged from in-house projects.
3. Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorescent Spectrometer
Equipped with a Xenon flash lamp, wavelength 190~900nm.
n   Spectrum scanning,
n   Time dependent measurements (Kinetics, Lifetimes of phosphorescence),  
n   Quantitative fluorescence
n   Thermal Analysis
4. Jasco J-815 plus Circular Dichroism spectropolarimeter
Jasco J-815 plus is equipped with a Zenon lamp.
Circular Dichroismspectropolarimeter is helpful in
ndetermining whether a protein is folded, and if so characterizing its secondary structure, tertiary structure
ncomparing the structures of a protein obtained from different sources or comparing structures for different mutants of the same protein
nstudying the conformational stability of a protein under stress -- thermal stability, pH stability, and stability to denaturants
ndetermining whether protein-protein interactions alter the conformation of protein.
5. Typhoon Imager-Gel Image System Plus Software
Equipped with 2 exitation laser(532nm,633nm).
storage phosphor imaging
Chemiluminescence (Westerns)
Fluorescence (Protein, DNA, Multi-Color)
6.  LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System
Equipped with 2 laser diode(680nm, 780nm). Fluorescent signals can be scanned and abalyzed with high resolation(21μm).


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