Established in November 2009, the Core Instrument Center aims to enhance research standard at NHRI via ensuring fair access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, integrating resources, maintenance of instruments, as well as reducing repeated procurement of equipment. The center houses the following core laboratories: Shared facilities, DNA sequencing, Optical biology, Cell sorter, Microarray, Live cell imaging and analysis and Protein Chem.Facility.
Objectives of the center:

 A. Maintenance and Management of Instruments                             
  1. The center sets up user’s guide, standard operation procedure, availability slot and fees for individual instruments. Research assistants at each core laboratories also provide operation training service.
  2. The center is responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the instruments as well as renewing service contracts for large valuable instruments.
 B. Provision of Technical Assistance Service                                    

At present, 6 core laboratories are available to both NHRI users and non-NHRI users on a first-come-first-service basis. Prior reservation is required. Users should prepare their own samples beforehand in order for research assistants to run on machines. These laboratories are:

1. DNA sequencing core laboratory
2. Optical biology core laboratory
3. Cell sorter core laboratory
4. Microarray core laboratory
5. Live cell imaging and analysis core laboratory
6. Protein Chemistry core laboratory 

 C. Training Courses and Workshops                                                 
  The center conducts hands-on training courses and workshops to equip users with necessary knowledge and operating procedures of the instrument/equipment.

The Core Instrument Center welcomes trained users to utilize the facilities, provides technical assistance service at a reasonable rate and conducts training courses to equip users with the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to advance research work.