NHRI Optical Biology Core Laboratory
NHRI Optical Biology Core Laboratory (NOBC) is one of the Core laboratories under the Core Instrument Center at NHRI. It aims to support research in NHRI and provide great precision on the biological imaging observation and acquisition. NOBC utilizes the light sources of the optical microscope as an infrastructure, such as halogen lamp, laser light, fluorescence illuminator, and UV light, to provide biological derived images of visible light and fluorescence-marked cells, and to use these images to form a model that mimics the physiology of cells. NOBC also provides various optical imaging relative application knowledge training courses and workshops and advices for fluorescent specimen making technique to equip users with necessary knowledge and operating procedures of the instrument/equipment.
The management and service of NOBC is in charge by Dr. Yi-Rong Chen and its Research Assistant, Ms. Shu-Fen Hu (ext. 33702).

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