N-SIM Using Guideline


1.     NOBC aims to mainly support NHRI researches and give limited time slots for other domestic research units with related research projects to promote the objective of research resource sharing.
2.     This laboratory is under the management Core Instrument Center and in charged by Dr. Yi-Rong Chen.
3.     Users:
a.     The service is open to all NHRI users, but due to the complexity of this instrument, the NOBC technician will assist users to operate in order to maintain precision of the machine.
b.     Prior reservation is required. Contact the NOBC technician, Ms. Shu-Fen Hu at ext. 33702 one-week ahead of the expected using date/time slot, which allows the technician being prepared.          
4.    Hours of Operation:
a.    Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:00 (morning slot) and 13:00 to 16:30 (afternoon slot) with technical assistance.
b.    Each user is allowed up to maximum of one slot per day only. Please mark on reservation sheet beforehand and contact the NOBC technician directly if request for after-hours operation.
5.    Important Notices:
a.    Sign in the log book with certainty prior to the use of instrument and follow the starting up procedure and shutdown procedure. Then, log in the using hours and the instrument using information onto the log book after use.
b.    Please prepare own disc (CD or DVD) for data saving. No personal data is allowed to save on any public-use computer at NOBC.
c.    Users shall prepare and bring their own slide samples to NOBC. A slide sample must cover with a coverslip and be sealed around the coverslip with nail polish or using mounting media. Users can consult the technician if having problem with sample preparation.
d.    If encounter problems while using, kindly call ex. 33702 for assistance.

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