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一、 欲送組織包埋之樣本如何做前處理?
What is the best preparation method for tissue processing?

請把組織直接放入10 X volume of 10% Formalin 浸泡後送件,組織厚度應小於 0.5 cm 。Formalin 固定最好是 一天,請勿超過7天。若無法在3天內送件請將10% formalin換置4℃ 75%酒精中浸泡。
Please fixed in 10 X volume of 10% formalin.The tissue thickness should be less than 0.5 cm. The formalin fixation time is best to be in one day, and should not be more than 7 days. If you can not sent the tissue in 3 days, it is best to change the formalin to 75% ethanol at 4℃ for fixation.

二、 欲送件之樣本如果很大,可否自行裁切?
If the tissue specimen is big, should we cut the tissue into small pieces?

If the tissue is bigger than the cassette size (25X20X4 mm), it is better to cut them into smaller size by yourself.

三、 不同組織之處理有無不同?需不需要事先告知?
The processing is the same for all kinds of tissue or not? Do I needs to tell the pathology lab first?

If the tissue sample has abundant fat or has calcification or bony tissue, the processing procedures will be modified. So you need to give pathology core lab this information.

四、 選擇組織處理、蠟塊包埋及切片染色之服務項目需多久時間?
How long it takes for tissue processing and stains?

至少需要一星期, 若檢體數夠多,提早達到開機數量, 則取件時間可相對縮短。
One week is the standard processing time. If the specimen number is big enough for earlier processing , the processing time may be shortened.

五、 如何保存蠟塊及玻片?
What is the best way to preserve the paraffin blocks and pathology slides?

蠟塊及染色完成之玻片可保存在冰箱 (4℃, -20℃, -80℃), 或室溫避光處。

Can be stored in refrigerator (4℃, -20℃, -80℃), or room temperature. Best to keep away from light.

六、 選擇免疫染色之服務項目需要準備什麼? 此服務項目需多久時間?
What materials should be prepared before apply the "Immunohistochemical Stain Service" ? How logn would it take?

需要提供足夠的primary antibody及coating slides; 若是首次使用之primary antibody,請先與黃秀芬老師討論(#35315) 。因為每一個project 情況不同,目前尚無標準作業流程時間。
Needs to supply primary antibody and coating slides. If the antibody is used for the first time, need to test the condition. Please discuss with Dr. Huang first.
Since immunohistochemical stain service will need individualized management for each project, there is no standard processing time currently.


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