Service Policy
FACSCalibur <Usage Guideline>
1.    Purpose: The policy is made to facilitate effective management and use of the FACSCalibur.

2.    Instrumentation and Services:
Instrument model: BD FACSCalibur (Argon-Ion Laser 488nm)
Service: Surface antigen analysis and DNA analysis

3.    Users: Only the NHRI users are eligible for using the service.

4.    Sample Submission: The flow cytometry instrument is used mainly for analyzing samples of general-use cell and tissue particles. All other experiments that contain any infectious samples must have the Core’s consent to use before sending the service application. If users submit any radioactive sample or do not complete the application process, the Core reserves the right to reject users’ applications.

5.    Reservation & Cancellation: Prior online reservation is required. This facility is designed to have the users operate the instrument when running samples and analyzing data. Users shall bring their own samples to perform on the FACSCalibur at the Shared facilities room, R2-1142 (located inside the laboratory, R2-1111). If users are unable to show up for their reservations, cancellation must be made 72 hours prior to the reserved date.

6.    Opening Hours: Hours are Mondays through Fridays 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
 Please inform the Core beforehand if users are planning to reserve the hours after 6 pm.

7.    Service Fee: There is no charge on this service. The Core only supplies users with Sheath Buffer, Filtrated Water, and Clean Buffer.

8.    All users must be trained and approved by the Core before they can reserve and operate the instrument. If any technical difficulty is encountered during the self-operation, please notify the Core. Do not attempt to handle any breakdown or problem on the instrument yourself.

9.    After Use: Work surface and instrument decontaminations shall be performed according to protocols posted on the instrument after each user completes his/her work. All users must log in the using hours and the instrument using information onto the log book provided. Users may transfer data to a virus-free portable storage media or burn it into a compact disc.

10. If users are not in compliance with the using policy, not logging the log book or not cleaning the instrument after use, the Core shall give users a verbal warning on a first time, prohibition from using the instrument for 1 month on a second time, and eventually, a third time will be resulted in revocation of use privileges.

11. This guideline takes effect once being announced. Further revision may be made when necessary to accommodate actual service requirements.



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