Service Policy
FACSAria <Service Guideline>
1.    Purpose: This guideline is to facilitate effective management and use of the FACSAria.
2.    Instrumentation and Services:
o    Instrument model: BD FACSAria
o    Service: Cell sorting (Two- and four-way bulk sorting devices)
3.    Service Fee & Cost: In accordance with the goal of long-term use of the instrument, all users will be assessed a fee to partially cover the (a) expendable supplies, (b) regular instrument maintenance and repair, and (c) replacements of the laser tube.
4.    Users: NHRI users will be in the first priority for using the service, and non-NHRI users are also welcome to apply.
5.    Samples Submission: The sorter is used mainly for sorting samples of general-use cell and tissue particles. All other experiments that contain any infectious samples must have the Core’s consent to use before sending the service application. If users submit any radioactive sample or do not complete the application process, the Core reserves the right to reject users’ applications.
6.    Reservation: Prior reservation is required. Due to the complexity of this instrument, there is no hands-on training. All cell sorting experiments need to be scheduled with the operating research assistant at the Core. Please make a reservation online and submit the cell sorter service application form. To ensure the cell sorting process going more efficiently, be sure to fill out the form based on fact, confirm with the operating research assistant regarding your samples, and read the guideline and policy carefully beforehand.
7.    Cancellation: If users are unable to show up for their reservations, cancellation must be made prior to the cell sorter is turned on. If user does not cancel the reservation in advance, one hour of service fee will be charged.
8.    Users shall prepare and bring their own samples to the Core at R2-1111 in person.
9.    To perform the sorting more efficiently, be sure to provide information about the actual cell numbers of your samples and the numbers of defined cell populations you want to sort up to the operating research assistant.
10. The Core only provides cell sorting service. No cell culturing or handling is provided.
11. This guideline takes effect once being announced. Further revision may be made when necessary to accommodate actual service requirements.

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