Important Notices
In order to correctly interpret flow cytometric data such as antibody labeling or transfection, there are several controls that need to be included in every experiment:
1.       Samples must be filtered by nylon mesh (cell strainer, mesh size: 40 μm, Falcon cat# 352340) before sorting if cells are clumping together. Clogs will be a problem to any sorting experiment, and if instrument damage caused, the user shall pay responsibility of the compensation. Please see below for the recommendation of various cell concentrations.

Cell Type
Lymphocytes, thymocytes or splenocytes (diameter: 8-12 μm)
2 × 107 per ml
Activated lymphocytes, small cell lines (diameter: 12-20 μm)
1-2 × 107 per ml
Large adherent cell lines (diameter: >20 μm)
1 × 107 per ml

*For any other specific sample, please discuss with CSCL before using.

2.       Users will need to prepare and bring appropriate cell media in the tubes or trays into which you want to sort cells.

3.       For sorting cell samples labeled with GFP, YFP or DsRed, users will need to bring an unstained sample of cells as a control, to use for the instrument calibration before analyzing.

4.       If users have samples stained with more than one fluorochrome per test tube, bring in a sample stained with each fluorochrome individually. This is for compensation purposes.

5.       Cell sorting is a sterile process; users need to provide all samples in sterile condition.

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