Service Policy
Microarray Core Laboratory
Microarray Service Guideline
1.    The management and services of the Core is in charged by Dr. Jyh-Lyh Juang and the research assistant, Mr. Sue-Wei Nein.
2.    Service Fees: please refer to the “Service Fees” page for more information.
3.    The Core will conduct workshops periodically to equip researchers with microarray-related knowledge and techniques.
4.      Any public speech or manuscript submitted for publication that contains data generated in the Core shall contain an acknowledgement of the services provided by the “Microarray Core Laboratory of the Core Instrument Center, National Health Research Institutes.”
Microarray Service Guideline> Application Procedure
Application procedure:
1.    Users must submit the service application with project/budget account numbers to the Core prior to the third week of each month. The Core will send out the chip orders together on the third week of the month and usually will get the chips and expendable supplies on the second week of the next month. After getting each payment confirmation with the Accounting Office, the Core will begin to conduct each experiment. Had any problem or specific concern regarding the payment of the microarray service, please contact the Core beforehand.
2.    Users shall provide their estimated date of sample submitting to the Core and must bring the samples to the Core within the noticed deadline. According to the amount of workload and the experimental conditions, the Core will let users know about an approximate processing time (usually about a week).
3.    The Core will assess the quality of all submitted samples using the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100. The quality of the sample RNA is essential to the overall success of the analysis in order to move on to the next steps. The Core will return the unqualified samples and notify the user of the result. In this case, users will need to pay NT$280 of the RNA Quality Check (QC) fee. If the user insists on conducting the chip experiments with the unqualified samples, then a Letter of Consent must be signed by the user.
4.    After the microarray service is completed, the user will receive raw data that produced from the experiments and a project report that contains gene level and exon level fold change list, GO analysis, and pathway analysis.
5.    This project report and raw data can be accessed on a secure FTP site. The Core will notify users the FTP account and password via email. NHRI users on Zhunan campus may request for burning data into a compact disc as a backup copy. The Core will use the NHRI document exchange system delivering the DVD backup copy to users.
NOTE: The extra data analyzing service provided at the Core is only for service functions, no customization of data analyzing is provided.

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