Microarray Core Laboratory
The use of miniaturized microarray was first reported by Patrick O. Brown in 1995. Over the years of progressive development of this technology and the decline in the costs of chip and peripheral equipments, it has proven to be a reliable and robust system, enabling many new discoveries and breakthroughs to be made in the medical biology fields, such as cancer, pharmacology, toxicology, infection, cell differentiation, development, and reproductive medicine. Also, the applications in disease diagnosis, classification, and outcome assessment are used. Microarray Core Laboratory at NHRI aims to support NHRI researches and give assistance to the NHRI collaboration research institutes, universities, and industries, to promote the objective of research resource sharing.
The Core possesses a set of Affymetrix GeneChip system that consists of a GeneChip® Hybridization oven 640, GeneChip®Fluidics Station 450, and GeneChip®Scanner 3000. Affymetrix system is a current marketing mainstream and a well-developed technical commercialization system. The principle of the microarray is to use the photolithography mask in direct synthesis of specific oligonucleotides on the silicon chip, then exposed to the fluorescent-labeled nucleic acid molecules and hybridized in order to determine the hybridization signals to calculate the strength and difference of the gene expression. This system is performed in an automated experiment operating procedure (see below diagram); hence, a certain operating standard must be followed, which shall minimize the errors caused by human factors as well.
The Core provides chip experiment-related software and hardware equipments for NHRI users. More information please refers to the “Existing Software and Hardware facilities” page.
The management and services of the Microarray Core Laboratory is provided and coordinated by the Core research assistant, Mr. Sue-Wei Nein. To apply for the service or had any question regarding the services of Microarray Core Laboratory, please contact Mr. Nein at ext. 33707.

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