Guidelines for live cell imaging and analysis core laboratory
1.          This laboratory is under the management Core Instrument Center and in charged by Dr. Jeng-Jiann Chiu.
2.          Users
-          Only trained users are allowed to run on machines.
-          Untrained users need to seek assistance from the Core to operate in order to maintain precision of the machine.
-          New users are allowed to perform independently only after receiving >3 technical assistances and approved by the Core.
-          Experiments that contain any infectious samples must have the Core’s consent to use before applying the service. If users submit any radioactive sample or do not complete the application process, the Core reserves the right to reject users’ applications.
3. Hours of Operation
-          Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:00 with technical assistance.
-          Weekends are for trained users only.
-          Prior online reservation is required. Reservation accepts booking up to 2 weeks before the scheduled date of use.
-          Each user is allowed up to maximum of 2 days only. Please contact the core research assistant directly if you require a longer period.
4. Important Notices
-          Please follow standard operation procedure of the machine.
-          Please sign in and out of the log book after use.
-          Files are to save under D drive in the following manner: user\year\ month\ date.
-          Users are to use own magneto-optical disc.
-          Users are responsible for own live cell sample preparation. Users can consult core research assistant if having problem with sample preparation.
-          Kindly call 33702 or 33708 for assistance shall you encounter problems.
5.        Live cell imaging and analysis core laboratory conducts regular hands-on training course to equip new staff with necessary techniques.
6.      This guideline takes effect upon announcement. Further revision maybe made when necessary to accommodate actual service requirements.

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